Community Involvement

Planting Seeds for a Brighter Tomorrow

The heart and soul of Homegrown Cannabis Company stem from the vibrant community of Lansing. It's not just about cultivating premium cannabis; it's about cultivating relationships, trust, and enduring bonds within our community. As we've grown in the cannabis industry, our dedication to our patrons and the wider community has remained steadfast, always aligning with our mission and values.

Homegrown Cannabis Company Community Involvement

Our commitment goes beyond our storefront. We believe in the transformative power of education and its role in addressing societal challenges. With immense pride, we've leveraged our success to offer full-ride scholarships specifically to students from the Black community. This isn't just an act of philanthropy—it's an investment in the future, a step towards molding a society marked by equity and positive change.

A Legacy of Giving and Serving

At Homegrown, giving back isn't just a practice; it's an ethos. We're not just in the business of selling cannabis, we're in the business of building a better community. Our legacy of giving shines brightly in various ways:

Honoring Heroes

Offering exclusive product discounts to our veterans as a small token of our immense gratitude for their service.

Local Support

Proactively donating to causes close to our heart, and ones that resonate deeply within Lansing.

Servant Leadership

Being more than just a business, but a beacon of positive action and leadership in the community.

At the heart of Homegrown Cannabis Company is a sincere desire to uplift, empower, and give back to the community that helped make us what we are today.

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