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Here at Homegrown Cannabis Company, our roots run deep in the heart of Michigan. Born from a blend of passion and expertise, we’ve blossomed from a tight-knit crew of family and friends into one of the most trusted cannabis dispensaries in the area. Since our inception on December 7, 2018, we've been unwavering in our commitment to delivering unparalleled retail experiences paired with the finest quality of medicine.

About Homegrown Cannabis Company

In the early days, our journey was all about bringing the community of Lansing affordable and quality cannabis products. That determination saw us become Lansing’s first licensed recreational provisioning center by February 28, 2020. But, you know, dreams have a funny way of growing – and ours was no different.

With the backing of an amazing community, we transitioned from merely sourcing the best in cannabis to nurturing and growing it ourselves. Embracing a homegrown philosophy, our cultivation center sprang to life right in Lansing. Now, when we say our products are local, we really mean it.

From Lansing to Owosso, we continue to uphold our promise: to deliver not just cannabis, but an experience. An experience that’s truly and proudly - Homegrown

prioritizing standard & quality assurance

Lab Tested for Quality

We take pride in the process our plants go through, and the most important thing we want for our customers is safe, high-quality product.

Homegrown Cannabis Company Community Involvement
Community Involvement

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Our roots run deep in the community of Lansing, and our service to our customers is incomparable. Our presence in the cannabis industry remains true to our mission while keeping the needs of our patients and community a top priority.

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